New Members, What you need to know.

Welcome to the guild! I want to welcome you to our social group.  We will endeavor to help you to experience as much content in SWTOR and make a few friends along the way.  To be successful we ask a few things.  First, we use TeamSpeak for voice chat.  It is important to us that we get to know each other and voice chat is simply the most effective way.  We do NOT require you to be in voice chat all the time but if you are running group content, such as PVP or Operations you may be dropped for someone who is in voice chat.  Second, we use a Band.US to send out updates and to communicate with the guild.  We picked this site because it is free, it has mobile apps and they work hard to protect your privacy.  Our admins will not have access to your private information.  You can choose how much information is shared with other users.  Third, we have an in-game channel that we will use to advertise in.  To join it type /cjoin turnips in your in-game chat box.  Last we do use StarParse, however, it is not required but it can be a helpful tool for you.  Information on how to access theses services is listed down below.

Ranks and how to gain them:

Guild Ranks


Download the TS client from here:

Once it is installed you can enter our TS with this address, and no password is needed.

Once you are on the server look for the RedShirt Padawan Lobby and join us there.  Let us know your new and you need permission and someone will get you set up.


To get access to our Band go here and click the Join this Band button.


Download StarParse from here:

To join our Raid groups go to the raiding tab and click settings.  On the right, you will see name and password.  Here is a list of our groups.




The password is the same for all of the groups:  redshirt


This will get you on your way.  If you have any other questions ask for TokRa or a guild officer in TS or in-game guild chat.