Current Guild Contest

Weekly Membership Prize:

Yes, That’s right.  You can win credits just for being a member.  To be clear you must obtain a membership rank to be eligible for to win a prize (Recruit and Founder are not eligible).  This contest will run on both Imperial and Republic guild, so 2 prizes will be given out each week.  How to obtain guild ranks can be found here:


Simple, be a member who has logged on in the past 7 days:

The contest will end each Monday and the prize winner will be mailed their prize.


Prize: (This may change from week to week)

The current prize is 200,000 credits.


Guild Content Prizes:

If you participate in guild run content, such as Ops, then you will earn entries into this weekly contest.

Weekly Prize drawing:

To earn Tickets, participate in Ops, PVP, GSF guild Runs:

Prizes: (these are just tentative and are subject to change)

Rank 1 – 500k credits

Rank 2 – 1 million credits

Rank 3 – 1.5 million credits